Zimmer Logistics Consulting believes in ethical consulting that works to strengthen partnerships, not destroy them. Our mission is to level the playing field for our clients. Not only have we negotiated against 3Ps, but we've also been employed by them. Our team understands how to optimize leverage when negotiating with carriers to receive the best rate possible, without compromising value or the relationship. 

Our Mission

Francesco specializes in contract optimization, strategic solutions and consulting, time in transit optimization, warehouse assessment and redesign. He brings 15 years of experience in finance, supply chain & logistics consulting, 3PN/3PC, software sales and implementation, RE investing and management to Zimmer Logistics Consulting. 

Zimmer Logistics Consulting is a group of industry experts with over 75 years of combined experience. Our team includes former UPS Directors and Data Scientists who specialize in logistics, as well as a plethora of project-based experts from our professional network, tailored to meet each clients' specific needs.

Francesco Rende


Our Team